Day 26 - Best Voice Acting


It was the story in Catherine that kept me going despite the frustration in the puzzles and bosses. The voice acting really helped here.

All the characters are well acted even the minor ones like Vincent’s friends or the other sheep.

But I feel that special mention should go to Vincent and the two K/Catherines.

Michelle Ruff’s voice fits well with Katherine’s serious personality and Laura Bailey really pulls off Catherine’s cutesy voice which makes her creepier scenes all the more unsettling.

Then there’s Troy Baker as Vincent. He really does a fantastic job whether it’s Vince panicking or being sweet or being badass. It’s partially his voice acting that endeared Vincent to me even when I was yelling at my TV “DAMMIT VINCENT STOP BEING A LITTLE TWIT!”

Some close runners up in this category would be the Mass Effect games and the Walking Dead game (I haven’t played it because I’m a wuss but I’ve watch Let’s Plays on Youtube.)

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